Luxury Canmore Basement Renovation

At Style Developments we work to ensure that we meet the unique needs of each of our individual clients. This means being flexible and responsive as we work with you to develop and execute the scope of your project. For Style Developments, a project is always more than just a project, it’s your home.

When we met with the Schenks to kick off this basement renovation there were three major priorities. The Schenks wanted to turn an unfinished basement into a space with 1) beautiful a modern home office and fitness area, 2) a guest bedroom, and 3) a basement retreat bathroom. And on this basement renovation, rather than working with an interior designer, we would be working directly with one of the homeowners, Susan, to execute her creative vision for the space. This gave us the exciting opportunity to work directly with the client to determine what would and wouldn’t work.

Some of the unique design focal points that came out of that dialogue were the use of sliding glass doors on custom powder coated rails to create a sense of space while maintaining separation between areas of the basement. Additionally, recognizing that storage was a key element that Susan wanted to integrate into the renovation, we incorporated large storage areas with subtle design cues to create substance without sacrificing style.

We completed this project in roughly 3.5 months and we are excited to showcase this renovation in our portfolio!

Project Features

  • Luxury Basement Renovation
  • Added Home Office, Guest Bedroom, Bathroom
  • Style, storage, and space were our client’s priorities
  • Completion time: 3.5 months





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